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As indicated by the title, we would like this to be a place where sabermetrics and traditional scouting are friends and work together like the Justice League, with less spandex. We also use this phrase in one of our banners: “Where sabermetrics and scouting are melted into a gooey mess.”  Or in less comedic terms (and in the other banner), “a progressive approach to the age-old art.”

Right now, we’re two guys: Frankie and Kiley. Frankie has scouted for an MLB club for a few years and Kiley has worked in the scouting (and other) departments for an MLB club for a few years. We were both Moneyball nerds before we were scouts and when our playing careers ended after high school, we turned to explaining the game. We aim to use scouting, statistics, video, opinion, and the opinions of others we know in the game to bring a balanced view of talent evaluation.

Also, with the D’Backs hiring of Carlos Gomez, the internet’s authority on video scouting, we feel the online baseball community has been missing the kind-of-daily additions to the tobacco-spitting part of its soul. And as friends of Mr. Gomez, we think we can attempt to carry that torch. And if we fail, we’ll tell some jokes.

Frankie Piliere

This is my first blogging experience but long have I been involved in the world of internet baseball writing. As a staff member/draft expert on Scout.com, I’ve covered four MLB Amateur Drafts and the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals farm systems. I’m also in my second year of part-time scouting for a big league club. Can I say which team? No, because my contract says so. Yes, I do at times have a life outside of baseball and in that time I conduct random Stalker Radar Gun experiments and go to an assortment of local baseball games (upstate NY area) that I have no real business scouting but in hopes that I can discover a diamond in the rough. This blog will be my place to put some of my thoughts and analysis into play. (Note: Opinions or views that I express on this site are in no way a representation of the views of the team I’m employed by)

Kiley McDaniel

This is also my first blogging experience, but I’ve tinkered with internet sports writing in less formal ways than Frankie has over the years. And I was the sports page editor/columnist for my high school paper, so you clearly can’t question my writing chops. I worked in a major league front office for three years in virtually every department, and while I don’t know what my contract said, I’ll keep the About Us section mysterious and leave it at that. I’m working in the baseball industry (not for a team right now) that allows me a lot of freedom to go see games and still be in the loop with information and personnel decisions. I’m now based in Tampa and there are a whole lot of games to watch. I also enjoy a life outside of baseball, but it mostly consists of trying to break the long-standing 9 mph cereal eating mark I established in December, 2007 (yes, I misuse my Stalker as well). And to address a surprisingly common misconception, I am in fact a male, despite my at best ambiguously-gendered first name.

Contact Us

Frankie Piliere: [email protected]
Kiley McDaniel: [email protected]


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  • 4 Kevin // Aug 27, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    Hello. My name is Kevin and I run a Yankee Blog called: Zell’s Pinstripe Blog
    I’m a big fan of your site and I wanted to know if you wanted to exchange blog links, so we can add them to our blogrolls/links pages. Let me know if you would be interested in doing this. If you don’t want to do it..I totally understand.
    Thanks. Kevin

  • 5 Josh Thompson // Sep 21, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    What about the kid from South Jersey Mike Trout ?

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