Prospect Mythbusting: Put Us On The Case

Every fan that follows prospects will know where I’m coming from with this. There is always some great degree of ambiguity when it comes to prospect tracking but why is that? We feel that the degree of ambiguity should be taken down a notch if not totally eliminated. There should be much less guess work on the part of the fan as to what their team’s number two pitching prospect’s velocity has been this season or how their newly converted first base prospect looks defensively. Obviously, we’ll be scouting a great deal of players from the amateur all the way up through the professional ranks. But, what we’d like to do is take suggestions from our readers on this. Find out what I mean after the jump….

What I mean is this; you, the reader, make a suggestion to us about a prospect that you can’t seem to get any straight answers about elsewhere or just plain can’t find any good information on. Since we’re still a pretty small outfit, we will not get to go out and see everyone you suggest to us. If we do not, we’ll utilize our contacts in the scouting industry to find you those answers.

Outlets that write about prospects are suppose to give answers to those who follow them. That’s what we’re going to try to give you with this suggestion box. And, what we hope to provide in return is cold, hard facts about these prospects that you need answers on.

So, fire away in the comments section and throughout the season we’ll hopefully get to many of your requests.

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