Scouting Report: Kyle Gibson

Who says it’s too early to look at the ‘09 draft class? I couldn’t ignore one of favorite talents in the country, Kyle Gibson, for much longer. I’m a firm believer that Gibson will be one of the first few picks in the ‘09 draft. Of course, it’s crazy to think we can know that for any degree of certainly right now, but who doesn’t like look down the road a little? I saw quite a few of Gibson’s Cape Cod performance and couldn’t come away much more impressed and most of the other scouts around me appeared to agree.

Gibson is the real deal and will likely get big Team USA exposure this summer after a big coming out party in Cape Cod in ‘07. He’s the ideal projection guy who also has some real polish to his approach and mechanics. Enjoy the scouting report and read up on Gibson. He could be next year’s most talked up college arm. Take a look at the report after the jump…
Kyle Gibson, RHP, Falmouth Commodores (Missouri)

Pitch – Present Grade/Future Grade

Fastball – 50/60

Slider – 60/65

Changeup – 35/45

Command – 55/60.

Here’s a look at Gibson. Check out the frame and think about the projection.
Physical Description – Perfect pitcher’s body. Ultra projectable, long legs. Thin as a rail, plenty of room to grow and bulk up. Square shoulders, looks like a coat hanger. Not yet physically mature. Built like a younger Mark Prior.

Fastball – Sits at 88-90, touches 91. There is plenty more to come. Huge projection, looks like he’s throwing much harder. Throws a heavy ball with good, late life. Easy mechanics makes the ball appear to be jumping out of his hand. Has command east to west but need to work down in the zone. Should soon be sitting 92-93 plus life, could dominate with fastballs down in the zone.

Slider – 80-83 hard slider with 10-4 break. Near unhittable when spotted against right-handers. Has trouble spotting vs. lefties. Plus pitch when located but he needs to find more consistency. Stays on top, rarely hangs it. Can throw for strikes and bury it also. Legitimate strikeout pitch.

Changeup – 79-81 MPH changeup is rarely used. Does not trust it and shows to be essentially a two-pitch pitcher. Very straight, this pitch needs a lot of work. Alters arm speed and lacks feel. He needs this pitch to combat lefties. Big hole in his arsenal.

Mechanics – Smooth, easy arm action, shouldn’t have serious arm problems. Very little effort. Has a pause in his delivery just before his release, allows his arm to catch up. Drifts out over the rubber, weight leaks forwards, costs him a few ticks of his velocity. Doesn’t drive with his legs, relies on his fast arm. Throws over the top, creating good downward action. No windup.

Notes – Not a pitcher at this stage, more of a thrower. Projection is key. Needs to get stronger. Natural movement keeps him away from the middle of the plate. Doesn’t look like a natural athlete, awkward fielding his position. Likes to work insider. Easy delivery appears to lull hitters and makes his fastball more effective.

Adjusted Overall Future Potential: 63

Present Group: P, Future Group: A-

Projected Role: #2 starter

Draft Projection: Top Ten Picks (’09)

Overall Comparison: John Lackey (a thinner-framed version)

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